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This is a great podcast! I really appreciate hearing from a variety of diverse guests! I’ve listened to other podcasts that touch on the subject of money, and with those I often feel like it’s a list of all the things I’m not doing right. With Inspired Money, that is not the case and it is actually inspiring to listen to the journeys shared!

M&M657, from iTunes

I think you have a great topic. You are uncovering stories. You are breaking the stereotypes about the “evils” of money. This is an exciting topic with a mix of passion. Brilliant!

Great work overall and [Jim Kimo West, ep. 001] great person for an interview.

I listened to a few episodes of your podcast and it’s brilliant! I was listening to the episode with Lynnette and it’s probably my favourite one because she’s so confident and funny but also makes some very salient and important points. It’s the perfect interview 🙂 Congratulations on an amazing podcast series so far!

Jenny Butler, The Takeoff Podcast

Andy’s guests are really interesting. It’s obvious that Andy does a lot of research and gets his guests engaged and talking. Some very cool stories here and well worth subscribing.

Ben DBen D

Very nice job, Andy! I like your concept for this podcast and enjoyed the first episode very much. Nice broadcasting voice too. Way to go! I’m looking forward to the next ones.

ClaudiaClaudia G

IM 001: Playing Guitar for the Love and the Money Followed | Jim Kimo West

By | September 5th, 2017|Categories: Podcast|

Today, I’m speaking with guitarist Jim Kimo West. Now I grew up watching Late Night with David Letterman in the early 90s. I’ve always had this understanding that the best musicians were those like Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band because they could perform at the highest level with any musical guest covering all genres.

IM 000: Welcome to the Inspired Money Podcast!

By | August 31st, 2017|Categories: Podcast|

Welcome. I’m your host Andy Wang and I’m incredibly excited to bring you Inspired Money, my podcast where each week we bring you an interesting person to help you get inspired, shift your perspectives on money, and achieve incredible things.