High-Quality Investing

Life is too short to own junk.  Drive a junky car and you're more likely to break down.  Eat too much junk food and it can make you sick.

Investing should be no different.  Sticking to high-quality investments keeps your portfolio on track and can save you from a lot of headaches.

Are your investments of the highest quality?


Do you know how to measure?

Can Runnymede's Approach Help You?

Having a clear investment approach is easier to monitor and understand.

Does your portfolio suffer from over-diversification or “diworsification?” If you own 12+ mutual funds, you might own 2,000 stocks and 10,000 bonds! Know what you own?

We think there's a better way.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Runnymede's approach is about getting back to basics. Rather than owning everything, we strive to own the best companies with superlative characteristics and bright prospects because these stocks are likely to reward shareholders over time.

Is the primary focus of your portfolio on market cap size, geography, or industry classifications with little attention paid to underlying fundamentals?

We think there is a better way.

Earnings Matter

We're investors, not speculators, so we seek to be owners of great businesses.  Because earnings growth and stock price follow each other over the long-term, our primary focus is on owning kerchunker® companies that grow earnings consistently quarter after quarter and year after year… they kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk!

Do you have a tendency to invest in the long-shot, an investment that carries high risk but only a small chance for success? Don't just invest based on a story or concept!

We think there is a better way.

Steady Wins the Race

Runnymede’s approach seeks to identify companies’ whose story may be less glamorous but whose prospects and performance are exciting. The goal of owning a diversified portfolio of superior companies is to achieve above average expected growth with lower than average market risk.

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