Add to Your Account

By Mail or Federal Express
Checks from your checking or other brokerage account should be made payable to “TD Ameritrade” with your TD Ameritrade account number written in the “memo” line.

If the check is from a third party made out to you, endorse it on the back as follows: “Pay to the order of TD Ameritrade, account number [your TD Ameritrade account number],” followed by your signature.

We suggest you use Federal Express for any amount over $1,000.

Mail the check to:
TD Ameritrade, Inc.
FBO Client Name
5010 Wateridge Vista Drive
San Diego, CA 92121-5775

By Wire Transfer
Wire transfer instructions are as follows:

Wire to:
First National Bank of Omaha
16th & Dodge Streets Omaha, NE 68102

ABA #: 104000016
Account# 16424641

For further credit to:
Client's name (your name)
Account Number (your account number)

DTC Number
If you need TD Ameritrade's DTC number, it is 0188. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Beginning Friday, February 24, 2017  TD Ameritrade Institutional will have new mailing addresses for overnight and standard U.S. mail. We ask that you take note of the new addresses and begin using them on February 24 for all future correspondence.

Overnight Mail:

TD Ameritrade Institutional
7801 Mesquite Bend Drive, Suite 112
Irving, TX 75063-6043

Standard U.S. Mail

TD Ameritrade Institutional
PO Box 650567
Dallas, TX 75265-0567

Mail received at the previous addresses may be delayed in processing.

Phone and fax numbers remain unchanged.