The service sector is the fastest-growing and largest sector of the global economy.

To our knowledge, Runnymede is the only firm that offers a Service Sector Strategy. We believe the service sector presents an attractive investment opportunity, and our research has been confirmed by superior investment results since launching the strategy in 2006.

Watch this short video to learn why we believe in the benefits of investing in the service sector.

Additional attributes of our service sector strategy include:

  • Attractive Characteristics

    In our extensive research and analysis of service companies, we invented a new word – kerchunker. Kerchunker® service companies have many attractive characteristics including recurring revenue models, businesses have “stickiness”, efficient users of capital, stable/less cyclical, scalable.

  • Discover Companies Early

    Many service companies that we own come from the under-researched mid-cap universe.

  • Service Focus, Broad Diversification

    Because the service sector is very diverse, i.e. service includes subsectors within technology, restaurants, healthcare, financials, transportation, etc., we are able own great companies – each with common beneficial characteristics as a member of the service sector; yet, we can still achieve excellent diversification across many sectors and industries.

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