Andy chats with Jay Oliva, founder of NJ Coed Sports, to find out why NJ Coed Sports is voted among the best Social Adult Coed Sports Leagues on the East Coast. Sports leagues bring people together to play, but it is the overall human experience and everlasting friendships created here that are the true reward.

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Year Established: 2011
Type of Business: Recreation

Morristown, NJ

About Jay: I am an architect of change, a passionate believer in entrepreneurship, and have used these life experiences to create outcomes that matter at NJ Coed. This league is more than a job; It?ÇÖs a mission to continue to bring people together the old fashion ?Ç£analogue?Ç¥ way ?Çô through human interaction. If I can make someone put their phone down for a few hours each night or get them off the couch after work and put them in a perfect organized, fun, social setting then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! My formal education in Business Management and Music Performance comes from Caldwell University. The US Army National Guard taught me leadership and discipline, and my parents taught me honesty and respect. I?ÇÖm a fierce parallel parker and can hurl multiple dodgeballs at my opponents at unflagging speeds and with deadly accuracy.

Local ties: We make donations to the Salvation Army and also to children?ÇÖs sports programs for uniforms and equipment.

Community causes: Our goal is to assure that local adults have an outlet and the opportunity to get out and be active and healthy through exercise and sports.

Best moment as a business owner: Organizing sports and social events for thousands of people a year can be quiet overwhelming at times. Witnessing the personal connections, friendships made, the teamwork, and the joy experienced due to our efforts is priceless. Seeing our customers happy makes all of the challenges worth it.

Favorite activity in New Jersey: My wife Katlyn (currently a US Army Captain and co-organizer of NJ Coed Sports) enjoy local dinning and wine festivals in Morris County during our time off.

Quirky Stat: Record for most adults (227) playing soccer at the same time using four fields in Morris County. We have done this 12 times in 2019. In NJ, only children programs get those kinds of numbers.

Are you looking for activity and sports after work? Do you want to play a sport that you used to play or try something new?

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