Peace of mind starts with a financial plan

Our advisors help you to plan, invest, and worry less

Peace of mind starts with a financial plan

Our advisors help you to plan, invest, and worry less




If you're confused, you'll lose.

  • The financial industry likes to create complex products that are difficult to understand.

  • An overly aggressive sales person could be a sign of an advisor who is putting his/her interests ahead of yours.

  • Making financial mistakes can cost you time and money.

Do You Need a Plan and Clear Investment Strategy?

Do You Need a Plan and Clear Investment Strategy?

We understand financial decisions can be overwhelming

Our fiduciary advisors help take the anxiety out of selecting investment products like an annuity or reviewing your portfolio's asset allocation.

From advising families on financial planning and investments to helping business owners set up 401(k) retirement plans, Runnymede Capital Management has been recognized for its work with clients for over 25 years.

  • Fiduciary Fee-Only Advisor
  • Transparent Fees

  • Your assets are safeguarded at SIPC member custodians including Fidelity or TD Ameritrade

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How to Start the Process

1. Schedule a Call

Start with a no obligation call so we can point you in the right direction.

2. Listening Session

An advisor will listen to your concerns, needs, and objectives.

3. Create a Plan

You will receive a proposal for a custom plan to achieve your goals.

Working with a fiduciary advisor can make all the difference.

Total Financial Advisors in the U.S.
Fiduciary Fee-Only Financial Advisors

Why work with a fiduciary advisor?

Suppose you are considering two financial products, most financial advisors could recommend to you the one that pays them a higher commission — even if it is not the better one for you. Importantly, a fiduciary advisor must recommend the product that is best for you and disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Did you know?

There are 310,000 financial advisors in the US
Less than 10% of advisors are required to follow the fiduciary standard — a rule that legally requires financial advisors to act in your best interest.

Not all fiduciary advisors are equal
Approximately 31,000 advisors act as fiduciaries, but many of these financial advisors are dually registered or “fee-based” (not “fee-only”) — meaning they can act as both a broker and a fiduciary. Legally, they don’t have to tell you of their dual status or whether they’re acting as a fiduciary or a broker when working with you.

5,000 Fiduciary Fee-Only Advisors
The good news is you've found Runnymede, a “fee-only” registered fiduciary. Our fees are 100% transparent, and you'll always know that your interests come first.

Our Firm

As a fee-only advisor since 1993, Runnymede’s priority is to do the right thing for its clients. Our goal is to deliver personalized advice, planning, and investment management to meet your goals and objectives. Runnymede offers well-researched investment strategies that emphasize long-term growth and asset protection.