Disciplined Investing

We rely on fundamental analysis to put our best ideas to work in well-researched portfolios.

  • Are your investments aligned with your plan and long-term goals?

  • How much diversification do you need?

  • Are you taking enough or too much risk?

Having a clear investment approach is easier to monitor and understand.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Runnymede's approach is about getting back to basics. Rather than owning everything, we strive to own the best companies with superlative characteristics and bright prospects because these stocks are likely to reward shareholders over time.

Earnings Matter

We're investors, not speculators, so we seek to be owners of great businesses.  Because earnings growth and stock price follow each other over the long-term, our primary focus is on owning kerchunker companies that grow earnings consistently quarter after quarter and year after year.

Steady Wins the Race

Investing in high-quality growth companies, bonds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is key to long-term investment success as long as it is tempered by a valuation discipline and enhanced by portfolio contsruction rules to manage risk.

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