For individuals, Runnymede offers custom investment management, financial planning, and retirement planning services.

For businesses, Runnymede offers consulting services to 401(k) plans advising plan trustees and educating participants.

For institutions and captive insurance companies, Runnymede offers disciplined investment management strategies including equity, balanced, and fixed income for varying objectives.

By signing an investment advisory agreement, our clients appoint Runnymede as their investment advisor. Runnymede is authorized by limited power of attorney to trade on your behalf—this is referred to as a fully discretionary account—but important account functions such as cash withdrawals, change of beneficiary or other major account actions are only available to the account holder.
Yes, Runnymede is a fiduciary and is required by law to act in the best interests of its clients.
As a fee‐only and independent advisor, Runnymede offers objective expertise as we never receive any commissions for any products or services. Solely compensated by a management fee derived from assets under management, our goals are aligned with that of our clients, “to protect and grow assets.” Runnymede’s annual investment advisory fee is 1.25%, prorated and paid quarterly, in advance, based upon the market value of the assets on the last business day of the previous quarter. For institutional accounts and retirement plans, inquire for fees. For additional details request a copy of our Form ADV Part 2.
Protected by SIPC insurance, your assets are safeguarded and deposited in your name at a nationally recognized firm like Fidelity Investments or TD Ameritrade Institutional. You will receive monthly statements for your account(s) directly from the custodian. Ask for details of specific SIPC coverage and excess coverage depending on your preferred custodian.
Clients pay brokerage commissions when Runnymede buys and sells securities for the client’s portfolio. Runnymede typically recommends reputable discount brokerage firms as custodians where commission rates are low and there are no annual fees to maintain your account. Commissions will depend on the custodian selected.
Opening an account with Runnymede is a simple straight forward, and we oversee the entire process. First, you sign an Investment Advisory Agreement appointing Runnymede as your investment advisor. Second, you complete paperwork to open a brokerage account at Fidelity or TD Ameritrade. If you already have an account at these custodians, it may be possible to keep your existing account(s) and complete a form authorizing Runnymede to trade on your behalf. Runnymede will work with Fidelity or TD Ameritrade to transfer your existing portfolio positions and/or cash to your new account.
Runnymede’s client accounts range from $500,000 to over $50 million. Because Runnymede does not invest in mutual funds, $500,000 is generally a minimum necessary to achieve a diversified portfolio.
Runnymede's advisors have passed the Series 65 Uniform Registered Investment Advisor Exam as required by the SEC. We also have a Certified Financial Planner on our team.
Many of our clients take withdrawals from their accounts for living expenses. We can set up electronic transfers from your Runnymede managed account to your bank account on a periodic or one-time basis. You can also receive a paper check if preferred.
We believe that clients can be best served by keeping tax, legal, and investment advisers independent of each other. This removes conflicts of interests that can arise if someone is being paid to provide legal or accounting advice while also being paid a commission to sell products such as insurance or mutual funds.

At Runnymede, we are qualified to provide planning services and can work closely with your tax adviser and attorney to develop an investment plan that is tax efficient and coordinated with your estate plan. If you are looking for an accountant or attorney, we can to refer you to professionals that we have worked with.

Yes, we are happy to furnish client references upon request.

If your question is not addressed here, please contact us.