Large Cap Growth

Runnymede has been helping people plan for their retirement for over 20 years. Everyone’s situation is unique and there is no one size fits all solution. Therefore at Runnymede, we provide customized retirement solutions to meet your retirement objectives. Our goal is simple: to help you reach your long-term financial goals so you can enjoy your retirement.

Focus on Growth Runnymede's large-cap growth strategy is focused on long-term growth. As bottom up stock pickers, we rely on fundamental analysis to put our best ideas to work in well researched portfolios. Our investment philosophy is straight forward: Invest in the Best. Best management, Best growth prospects and Best balance sheet. What this means to our clients is the ownership of businesses with proven track records of consistent earnings growth and great entrepreneurial spirit, the foundation of America’s economy. While simple in concept and easy to understand, our disciplined approach has been developed for more than 30 years and includes a dynamic, proprietary valuation methodology used to identify and exploit the best investment opportunities, using fundamental and technical factors. We have a strong culture grounded in family values and treat our employees and clients as family.

Objective The Runnymede Large-Cap Growth product seeks long-term growth by investing in high-quality, large capitalization companies that display consistent earnings growth and superior financial characteristics. Utilizing company interviews and a proprietary investment discipline to identify attractive valuations, we employ a bottom-up approach and strict risk controls to build a diversified portfolio of growth stocks that offer above average expected growth with lower than average market risk.

Investment Focus The world’s best growth companies are industry leaders, operating businesses with superior economics, and undergoing positive change.

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