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Since 1993, Runnymede’s priority has been to do the right thing for its clients. Our philosophy is to provide personalized investment management to meet your goals taking into account your objectives and needs. We offer well-researched investment strategies that emphasize not only long-term growth, but also asset protection.


Gain Financial Peace of Mind

We are Focused on Investing and Protecting Your Money

Have an Experienced Investment Team in Your Corner

  • Your investment portfolio is under the guidance and care of our experienced team of analysts and portfolio managers.
  • Work with a professional team that has successfully managed client accounts through many market cycles.
  • You always have direct access to the decision makers of your portfolio.

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To Win Is Not To Lose

Runnymede believes that asset protection is an important component of money management. If you carry an umbrella when the weather forecast calls for rain, why should you treat your hard earned money differently?

  • If you’re like many retirees and eleemosynary institutions, you cannot afford significant draw-downs resulting from major bear market cycles. Runnymede has a proven record in asset protection.
  • Do you believe that the condition of your financial health can impact your physical and mental health? We do.
  • Work with Runnymede professionals who protected client assets in the major bear markets of 1987, 2000, and 2008. We are market historians and vigilant in our monitoring for “financial hurricanes.”

More Than Just Asset Allocation

  • Controlling risk goes beyond diversification. You should be a long-term investors of great businesses. Our mantra to Invest in the Best companies keeps you on track.
  • At Runnymede, you have a variety of strategies to meet your investment objectives – all connected by a systematic and disciplined approach.
  • Your tailored portfolio will include kerchunker® companies, service-sector companies from various industries characterized by predictable, visible earnings growth achieved through a recurring revenue model.
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