Chris visits with Tony Franco, the youngest business owner in Morristown. He started Beenie's Ice Cream at the age of 26. Always a creative person, Tony went from a professional drummer to passionate maker of inventive ice cream flavors. All of the ice cream is made daily with fresh cream, milk, and the highest quality ingredients. The end result is luscious, silky ice cream that will leave you wanting more and more. There's no doubt, if you visit in person, you will leave with a big smile on your face. If you live locally and don't want to get off the couch, Beenie's will even deliver to your door as you can now order with a few taps of a smartphone app.

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Year Established: 2017
Type of Business: Ice Cream, Food and Beverage

38 Morris Street, Morristown, NJ

Local Ties: Moved to Mendham when I was 1 year old, went through the Mendham Boro school system and graduated from Mendham High in 2009. I’m still a resident of Mendham today!

Community Causes: I think back a lot on my upbringing and how really amazing it was. I try to be involved with the Mendham and Morristown Schools, things like Tricky Tray donations, music, art, and sports clubs, I just think those years are very crucial in people’s hearts, and I want Beenie’s to hopefully be a part of that, more and more as we get ourselves established. I’m happy with what we’ve been able to do with only two years under our belt.

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Quirky Stat: I was a musician for a couple of years, writing and playing music trying to make a profession out of it! It was my main passion before Beenie’s. I can’t wait to set up my drum set again when I own a house one day. I always try to have a good mix of music playing in Beenie’s.

Best moment as a business owner: I think my individual purpose is to take my creative talents and use them to make people happy. I wasn’t sure if I’d find this in art, or music, or in an office… but once I discovered ice cream, I took a leap to create Beenie’s, and it’s been working out well since! So, I think that’s my best moment: that I’ve found/created a way to live my purpose – and I get to experience that every day.

Favorite Activity in New Jersey: Going out to eat at a delicious restaurant (Beenie’s after, obvi! lol) or skiing!

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