Andy visits Mallika Malhotra, founder of MikiFoto + Co., to find out how she helps women entrepreneurs to hone their messages, create power images, and rise above the noise. She believes in creating images that build connection, energize your brand and infuse personality into your business.   

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Year Established: 2008
Type of Business: Marketing

Short Hills, NJ and NYC

(352) 682-2533

Local ties: I moved to New Jersey from Florida in 2011. I currently live in Short Hills with my husband and 3 sons aged 16-14-9. I work out of my home office but often shoot all around the NJ area.

Social causes: Community causes: I love to speak about visual storytelling and branding at local women's groups, conferences and organizations. I also lead a free Facebook community called Brand Confidential: Building Your Stand Out Brand, where I share tips, strategies and advice on creating a breakthrough brand.  I lead a free Ladyboss Book Club both online and in person for women in business who love books and are interested in personal development.

Best moment as a business owner: Witnessing my clients' transformation! Seeing them move from feeling confused and scared to confident and bold in their business. By the end, my clients feel ready to share their message, become more visible and make an incredible impact.

Favorite activity in New Jersey: Supporting local businesses in downtown Millburn, visiting the farmers markets and heading to the beach with family.

Mallika: I'm a brand photographer and branding expert at MikiFoto + Co. I am also the author of The Brand Photography Playbook. I help women entrepreneurs create a stand-out brand that turns heads, captures hearts and skyrockets their business. My mission is to empower women to stop hiding, stop playing small and finally become the face of their brand. When I am not taking pictures or building brands, I am at home drinking coffee or red wine and dreaming about my next family global adventure.

Quirky Stat: To keep myself inspired and feeling creative, I challenge myself to take a photo a day over the entire summer. I leave my fancy camera at home and just use my iPhone to capture the beauty of the everyday. I have been doing this for a few summers now and it's a fun way to document life and daily simple pleasures. One picture, everyday and shared on social media. I encourage you to try it this summer too!

What do you know about brand photography? Did you DIY or seek the help of an expert?

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