Innovative Models of Social Impact with Scott Fifer, Professor Richard Marker, and Amar Shah

In Episode 2 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “The Art of Giving Back,” hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather, we had the privilege of hearing from an esteemed panel—Scott Fifer, Professor Richard Marker, and Amar Shah. The segment, aptly named “Community Engagement and Grassroots Change,” delved into the intricacies of community involvement, the importance of due diligence in philanthropy, and the challenges and opportunities in the democratization of online giving. Here are the key insights from this thought-provoking discussion.

LEp 2 – Segment 3: Inspired Money Live – The Art of Giving Back


The Challenge of Due Diligence in Philanthropy
Scott Fifer, a grassroots change advocate, emphasized the importance of due diligence when it comes to philanthropy. He pointed out that while some individuals have the time and resources to thoroughly vet the causes they support, many others do not. This creates a challenge: How can people trust that their donations are making a meaningful impact?

The Role of Intermediaries and Trust
Professor Richard Marker highlighted the role of intermediaries in helping people make informed decisions about their charitable giving. He mentioned that while some individuals are well-equipped to conduct due diligence, the majority need guidance on whom to trust. Marker stressed the importance of learning to make good judgments and the need for educational programs to help people navigate the philanthropic landscape.

The Democratization of Online Giving
Amar Shah, who specializes in corporate giving platforms, discussed the democratization of online giving. While platforms like Giving Tuesday have made it easier for people to donate, they also present a challenge: How can donors make informed decisions about the multitude of organizations seeking support? Shah emphasized the role of storytelling and engagement in helping donors connect with causes.

Tools for Vetting Charitable Organizations
Shah also mentioned that traditional vetting tools like GuideStar and Charity Navigator are commonly used but suggested that charities could do more to update their information and share impactful stories. This, he believes, would help donors make more informed decisions and feel more connected to the causes they support.

The Importance of Context in Giving
Marker made a crucial point about the context in which giving occurs. He advised that during times of disaster, it's best to rely on established organizations with the expertise to handle emergency situations, rather than seeking out new, unproven entities.

The “Community Engagement and Grassroots Change” segment from Episode 2 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “The Art of Giving Back,” offered a nuanced look at the complexities of modern philanthropy. Whether you're an individual donor, a corporate giver, or someone interested in the broader landscape of charitable giving, the insights from Scott Fifer, Professor Richard Marker, and Amar Shah offer valuable perspectives to guide your philanthropic journey.

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Meet Our Esteemed Guest Panelists
Scott A. Fifer
Scott A. Fifer is the founder and CEO of GO Campaign, a nonprofit organization that has helped over 58,000 children across 28 countries. A former New York City attorney and Hollywood screenwriter, Fifer's passion for philanthropy was ignited after watching the movie “Hotel Rwanda,” inspiring him to make a tangible difference in the lives of children around the world.

Professor Richard A. Marker
A distinguished figure in the field of philanthropy, Professor Richard A. Marker has served in various roles, including CEO of a major philanthropic foundation and a university chaplain. Currently, he advises large and small foundations and individual philanthropists through Wise Philanthropy™. His work is characterized by a distinctive approach to funder strategy, specializing in intergenerational issues and ethical considerations.

Amar Shah
Amar Shah is the President and Co-Founder of Change, an organization focused on leveraging technology to drive social impact. His work involves overseeing organizational strategy, partnerships, and initiatives aimed at fulfilling Change's mission.


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Join us for this enlightening episode as we explore the art of giving back. Whether you're a seasoned philanthropist or just starting your journey, this episode offers valuable insights that can help you make a meaningful impact.

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