USA Hall of Fame Gymnast turned entrepreneur, Lisa Wang shares her story of building and selling SheWorx, a platform empowering 20k+ female entrepreneurs.

Guest Biography

Lisa Wang is a USA Hall of Fame Gymnast turned serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, leadership coach & purpose-driven brand builder.

As the Founder & CEO of SheWorx, Lisa built the leading global female entrepreneurship platform empowering 20k+ women. SheWorx was successfully acquired by Republic – the top equity crowdfunding platform from AngelList – to usher in the future of democratized funding.

After building a diverse network of leaders, Lisa launched the Enoughness Podcast to humanize the process of leadership. Through deeply personal interviews with top executives, entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes, and award-winning artists, she works with her guests to answer the universal question, “How much is good enough?”

Lisa has been awarded Forbes 30 Under 30, Red Bull Hero of The Year, CIO Magazine's Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch. She is an Advisory Board Member for Delta and PepsiCo’s WomanMade Initiative. Lisa began her career as a Wall Street hedge fund analyst. She is a graduate of Yale University and remains active training as a Krav Maga fighter.

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