Dancer and singer, Etty Lau Farrell, talks about being an artist, feeling like an outcast, and recovering from dark financial days.


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Etty Lau Farrell, vocalist for the band Satellite Party and lead singer-dancer for Kind Heaven Orchestra has made her first debut as a solo artist with the single ‘He’s A Rebel’– available today on all digital streaming platforms. Produced by her legendary husband, Perry Farrell, the godfather of alternative rock as co-founder of Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros, this song pays tribute as a cover by iconic 60’s trio, The Crystals.

A Billboard #1 chart topper in 1962, the musical piece touches base on a well-revived classic love-story trope–the bad, socially rebellious boy, and the lovestruck, innocent good girl. The tune of the song begins with a dramatic twist, incorporating a rhythmic, 70’s beat to the original melody and leads listeners into the tantalizing strums of the guitar to make itself known, as Etty's heavenly voice begins to belt out the heart-warming lyrics. Transported to another world filled with romance, desire, and hypnotic instrumentals, the astoundingly constructed symphony of musical elements and ethereal vocals highlight the unmistakable talent of this emerging songstress. Although the unknown rebel The Crystals sang of remained elusive, Etty’s tune taps into her love of Perry and their together.

Throughout her long and fruitful musical career, Etty has accumulated a multitude of hit songs with Satellite Party and Kind Heaven Orchestra, including ‘Wishing On a Dog Star,’ ‘Machine Girl,’ ‘Hard Life Easy,’ and ‘Woman in the Window’. Working alongside her husband, the duo have made a name for themselves outside of their individual music careers in the festival industry with his flagship event, Lollapalooza. Lately, Etty has been working tirelessly on their newest project, a nightlife concert series, Heaven After Dark; launched in Los Angeles on February 17th. With a growing following across her social media platforms expressing her own identity,, Etty’s charismatic, mischievous, and fascinating life has captured the hearts of her audience and amplified the excitement for this musical release.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Growing up feeling like an outcast
  • Going from the brink of bankruptcy to successfully rebuilding the Lalapalooza brand
  • Teaching children to spread the wealth

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