Founder and CEO of Roybi, Elnaz Sarraf talks about launching an ed-tech company from lean years to raising a 4.2 million seed round.

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14 years ago, Elnaz Sarraf moved to the US from Iran. From a very young age, her parents made sure that she learned to paint, speak English, play music, and even how to assemble a computer. Her diverse education sparked her interest in both the arts and technology. In Iran, she majored in fine arts and software engineering at the Science and Technology University in Tehran. Before ROYBI, she co-founded and led a consumer electronics company, iBaby, serving as the company's President launching into more than 5,000 storefronts globally and making the baby monitors one of the most coveted products. As an immigrant and a female founder, Elnaz has received honors including being selected as NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center Milestone Maker 2018, named the Woman of Influence through Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2016, and Entrepreneur of The Year in 2016 in Silicon Valley. She has been a speaker at Mobile World Congress, ASU GSV Summit, SXSW, and is on the board of Consumer Technology Association, Small Business Council, the producer of CES.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Elnaz built an education technology company from the ground up in less than 3 years.
  • The amazing story of raising significant money from investors with just an early prototype.
  • The importance of making a positive impact on the world by helping children.

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