Bradley Davis, Founder/CEO of Podchaser, talks about launching a start up, fundraising, and his evolving views on money.

Guest Biography

Podchaser is a Venture Capital-backed podcast database company founded in 2016 and led by CEO Bradley Davis. Sometimes called “the IMDb of podcasting,” the company is currently focused on three core initiatives: advanced search and discovery, industry-wide data standardization, and data-driven marketplaces for connection. Features include ratings and reviews, shareable lists, detailed tagging, and more than 4 million creator and guest credits. Leveraging its unique database of credits, Podchaser recently announced its Podchaser Connect service that will pair compelling guests — brand representatives, university professors, authors, domain experts, and more — with podcasts to unlock the tremendous influence of the intimate medium and grow podcast audiences.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Podchaser started as a side-hustle with a Reddit post.
  • Fundraising from scratch and how Podchaser recently closed on a $1.65 million seed round.
  • Why Bradley is excited to be heading Podchaser and how fundraising is changing his views on money.

Show notes:

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  • The Rule of 72

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