Nathan Stevenson, CEO of ForwardLane, discusses artificial intelligence (AI), enhancing the investor's experience, and the possibility that machines may some day protect your nest egg from the next bear market.

Guest Biography

Nathan Stevenson is CEO of ForwardLane, a FinTech AI Startup in New York City. ForwardLane is a next-generation AI platform that accelerates and enhances productivity for digital advisory, and distribution in private wealth management, asset management, insurance, and corporate banking.

The platform uses machine learning to aggregate and scale firm-specific data, market data news, investment research, products, and strategic analytics for financial professionals to deliver personalized stories to their clients. It augments human intelligence by searching for and synthesizing relevant news, research and product material personalized for each client.

With its two new APIs, Personalized Stories, and Expert Conversations, financial professionals eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks to focus on client acquisition, experience, and service. The system’s algorithms continuously learn by tracking every touchpoint throughout the customer journey to support advisor productivity.

Nathan is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in quantitative finance and enterprise architecture. He began his career at CQS and BNP Paribas London and later joined the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as an enterprise architect managing large scale, international technology projects with NYSE, CME, and LSEG. Nathan was born in South Africa and previously co-founded two companies, Matchpoint Music, and HotelsBYDay.

Show notes:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How AI might change financial services and impact the way you invest.
  • Should you have concerns about today's roboadvisors?
  • Where we are today and what might the future of fintech look like.

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