Financial psychotherapist, Kiné Corder shares how she helps people, especially couples, improve their money mentalities, marriage missions, and happiness.

Guest Biography

Kiné Corder speaks to and consults with couples to help them have the money conversation with ease. Because money is the number one reason couples get divorced, her company, courses, podcast, and mission help couples heal financially to stay happily married.  Kiné started out in the financial services industry almost 20 years ago, working with companies like Ameriprise Financial, New York Life, and Morgan Stanley.

Before entering the financial world she worked in the entertainment industry and became the spokesperson for ABCs Extreme Makeover show. Kiné was in magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, TV guide & People. On television shows like Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, the E! Channel and Oprah. This propelled her to public speaking.

Kiné most recently started, Presidential Lifestyle, a wellness company focused on wealth in all of its forms. The mission is to help couples become a winning team in love, life and money. Kiné does this by building a community of lifelong learners called the Prosperity Club. Members of the Prosperity Club have access to a library of money and marriage courses providing clarity for complex life and financial decisions.

“In an effort to give my tribe, my daughter, and myself a shot at marriage success, I created Prosperity Report “Love & Money” podcast. While society is focused on what’s going wrong with marriage, I focus on what’s going well,” says Kiné Corder.

Kiné has dedicated her life to relieving the emotional pain in the world using her books, her courses, and her coaching.

Show notes:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • A little bit about our our brains and money.
  • 7 different types of money mentalities.
  • How couples can take advantage of having an accountability partner, and the power of working together rather than competing against one another.

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What's your money mentality? Will you define your Money Marriage Mission?