Accomplished businessman, author, and philanthropist, Jay Lucas talks how positivity, patriotism, and community engagement have influenced his success in management consulting, private equity investing, and giving.

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Jay Lucas is an accomplished businessman and author who believes in the power of positivity, patriotism, and community engagement. Jay actively spreads his message through his bestselling book American Sunshine: Rays of Hope and Opportunity. His current projects include the “Sunshine Initiative,” an effort to revitalize his hometown of Newport, N.H. Jay is also a strong supporter of veterans and their families and can talk about the unique way we all can help the children of our fallen patriots.

While still in college at Yale, Jay served as an elected State Representative, then earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, and his Law degree from Harvard Law School. He attended Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar where he studied International Relations and Military History. Jay served as Vice President and Partner of Bain & Company where he helped numerous executives, investors and management teams set their strategic direction and grow their businesses.

Now the Chairman and Managing Partner of The Lucas Group, Jay and his team focus on the specialized needs of private equity investors and their portfolio companies. Jay’s bestselling book American Sunshine encourages achieving our full potential while at the same time generously sharing. American Sunshine provides a refreshing new perspective on how to approach life’s toughest challenges and how to overcome obstacles thru a positive Can Do approach.

Show notes:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Jay's unique path from a modest small town to earning a top notch education and gaining professional and financial success.
  • Get a glimpse into private equity investing.
  • A worthy cause that Jay is passionate about and how he uses his business experience to benefit and grow a non-profit organization.

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