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Welcome to Episode 16 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “Investing in Your Health: The Intersection of Wellness and Wealth,” hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. This episode delves into the crucial connection between maintaining good health and building wealth, highlighting the synergistic relationship between wellness and financial success.

LEp 16: Inspired Money Live – Investing in Your Health: The Intersection of Wellness and Wealth



In Episode 16, we explore how wellness influences financial success, offering a holistic view of this vital relationship. Our panelists, Michelle Seger, Mike Taylor, Toby Amidor, and Manisha Thakor, bring a wealth of knowledge from their respective fields, providing insights into the strategic importance of health as an investment in both personal vitality and financial acumen.


Segment 1: Balancing Health and Wealth: Strategies for a Prosperous Life

Discover the profound impact of physical well-being on your financial future. We discuss the importance of health as a strategic investment, enhancing productivity and financial acumen.

Segment 2: Affordable Wellness: Mastering Self-Care Without Overspending

Tackling the challenge of maintaining wellness on a budget, this segment explores various ways to achieve holistic health affordably, from home workouts to smart nutrition choices.

Segment 3: Investing in Health: The Power of Preventive Care for a Brighter Future

We highlight the critical role of preventive healthcare in long-term well-being and financial stability, understanding the different levels of prevention and their contributions.

Segment 4: Achieving Work-Life Harmony: Effective Strategies for Balance and Burnout Prevention

Explore strategies to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life, recognizing burnout symptoms and learning prevention through self-care and managing work demands.

Segment 5: Longevity and Wealth: Smart Health Investment Strategies

As we live longer, understanding the evolving healthcare landscape becomes crucial for both personal health planning and investment strategies.

Guest Profiles:

Michelle Seger:

An NIH-funded researcher with a focus on sustainable exercise adoption, Michelle Seger's innovative, brain-based approach to behavior change in eating and exercise has been widely recognized.

Mike Taylor:

After a personal health crisis, Mike Taylor transitioned to managing the Simplify Health Care ETF (PINK), dedicated to the healthcare sector and supporting the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Toby Amidor:

A renowned expert in food and nutrition, Toby Amidor is a best-selling cookbook author, providing valuable insights into nutrition and wellness.

Manisha Thakor:

Founder of MoneyZen, Manisha Thakor brings over 25 years of experience in financial services, advocating for women's financial literacy and wellbeing.

Join us in Episode 16 as we explore the intersection of wellness and wealth, understanding how investing in your health is a crucial component of financial planning and overall life satisfaction.

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