A serial entrepreneur with five companies and two non-profits, Joon Han shares his unique experience of growing up in the United States after being deported, how generosity can differentiate you in business, and networking tips that really work.

Guest Biography

Since being deported at 10 years old, Joon S. Han has learned a few profound things about success in life and business. Today, he is a strategist and entrepreneur who is on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible.

After a lifetime of hunches and over seven years compiling hard‐to‐find, interdisciplinary research, “Get Ahead by Giving Back” was born in both book form as well as a TED talk. This book shows decent, well-meaning people how to grow past wishful thinking and good intentions to find their business success through the proven power of generosity.

With five companies and two non-profits, Joon impressively also dedicates plenty of time for family. His career highlights include:

  • Our strategy and process engineering firm only takes on two new clients per year and word on the street is that I'm the “consultant other consultants hire” to boost their own businesses.
  • As a podcast pioneer, built AwesomeGuests for smart folks to amplify their reach and influence as thought leaders via new media like podcasts and blogs. Also produce a sundry of marvelous podcasts along the way.
  • After hitting the stage as a professional speaker at age 16 – he keynotes around the globe in his quest to inspire, equip and challenge entrepreneurs to be better for a better world.
  • Most importantly – if you're a decent, well-meaning person striving to win in the mean, cutthroat world of business – then by all means dig into everything related to Joon's TEDx talk and book “Get Ahead by Giving Back!”

Joon has an extremely ginormous soft spot for social entrepreneurs (and similar folks passionate about social enterprises, conscious capitalism, triple bottom line, venture philanthropy, social innovation, ecopreneurs, go-giving, social ventures and social change in general) and consistently helps out as many as he can as an advisor, champion and trainer and for a select few every year – also as a mentor, sponsor and investor.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Joon appreciates America more even though he was deported at 10 years old!
  • The importance of soft skills (like networking) for winning new customers and technical skills for keeping them.
  • Generosity and Building systems can make the hard work of entrepreneurship appear easy.

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