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Guest Biography

Ric Edelman is the Founder of the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals (DACFP) and a leading voice in the financial planning and investment management profession. With 12 bestselling books, including “The Truth About Crypto,” Ric's insights have shaped the industry.

Ric's groundbreaking approach to personal finance, longevity, and artificial intelligence offers a fresh perspective on wealth building and retirement planning. His innovative ideas have earned him accolades, including being ranked three times as the nation's No. 1 Independent Financial Advisor by Barron's.

Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals (DACFP):
Introducing DACFP, a leading provider of crypto education founded by Ric Edelman. Connecting financial professionals with digital assets communities, DACFP offers live events, webinars, blogs, and the first and largest Certificate in Blockchain and Digital AssetsSM program.

The Truth About Your Future:
Ric hosts “The Truth About Your Future” podcast and produces Public Television specials, enlightening audiences on personal finance, longevity, and the impact of AI on our collective future. His teachings at Georgetown University and Rowan University have inspired thousands.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Ric's innovative approach to gamifying wealth building
  • How to plan for extended longevity and redefine retirement
  • The profound implications of artificial intelligence on society

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