Unlock the Secrets of The Art of Negotiation

Discover the transformative power of negotiation in Episode 21 of the Inspired Money Podcast, “Master the Art of Negotiation for Financial Triumph.” Host Andy Wang invites you into a world where negotiation is not just a skill but a gateway to achieving your financial dreams. Join our journey with industry mavens Brian Will, Rich Carey, and Everold Reid as they share their unparalleled insights.


Inspired Money Livestream Podcast

The Art of Negotiation: Mastering the Skill of Financial Success

Empowering Your Financial Journey Through Negotiation

Key Insights From Our Negotiation Gurus:

  • Brian Will: Dive into Brian's entrepreneurial saga of founding multiple successful ventures. Uncover how negotiation served as the cornerstone of his business achievements.
  • Rich Carey: From military life to real estate magnate, Rich reveals the strategic nuances of real estate negotiation, emphasizing the critical role of market savvy and preparation.
  • Everold Reid: With a storied career in auto sales, Everold unravels the art of sales negotiation, highlighting the essence of problem-solving and relationship building.

Navigating Negotiation's Diverse Landscape

Explore the intricate dynamics of negotiation, from leveraging power shifts to understanding cultural intricacies. Gain comprehensive insights into how negotiation influences both financial success and meaningful relationship development.

Innovation in Negotiation: Embracing Technological Evolution

Discover how cutting-edge technology, including data analytics and AI, revolutionizes negotiation strategies, offering unprecedented advantages in today’s digital era.

The Bedrock of Success: Cultivating Trust and Empathy

At negotiation's core lies the unanimous belief in the importance of forging deep, trusting relationships. Learn how transcending transactional exchanges can create a foundation for future prosperity.

A Challenge to Transform: Sharpen Your Negotiation Skills

Inspired Money challenges you to refine your negotiation prowess in everyday scenarios, from securing discounts to negotiating service rates, showcasing the potential for continuous skill enhancement.

Mastering Negotiation: A Pathway to Financial and Relational Riches

This episode stands as a comprehensive manual for anyone eager to fortify their negotiation capabilities. Immerse yourself in expert advice and strategies that celebrate negotiation's role in fostering financial success and lasting connections.

Featuring Insightful Panelists:

Brian Will: https://brianwillmedia.com

Rich Carey: https://youtube.com/richonmoney

Everold Reid: https://thereidmethod.com

This blog post is brought to you by Runnymede Capital Management, in collaboration with EaglesVision and the Inspired Money live-stream podcast series, this episode not only equips you with negotiation mastery but also emphasizes the significance of generosity in personal and financial growth.