In “The Investor's Journey,” Andy Wang introduces us to the opulent and intricate world of luxury watch collecting. This episode, featuring insights from Dan Spitz and Gary Getz, offers a rare glimpse into high-end horology, investment strategies, and the storytelling in the craftsmanship of timepieces.

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The Investor's Journey: Andy's First Watch Acquisition

Dan Spitz, an independent watchmaker with a background as a thrash metal musician, brings a unique perspective. He draws parallels between the community in indie watchmaking and the camaraderie found in music, emphasizing the emotional connections in luxury watches. Spitz's approach goes beyond financial gain, advocating for investing in pieces that resonate personally, highlighting the value of unique stories and artistry.

Gary Getz, a seasoned watch collector, shares extensive knowledge and personal experiences. He speaks on the importance of understanding market trends and building relationships within the watch community. Reflecting on his journey, including his first luxury watch purchase, Getz underscores the virtues of patience and personal attachment to each watch. His insights offer a practical guide to developing a meaningful and financially sound collection.

The episode explores personal connection, the artistry of watchmaking, and strategic investment. The contrast between Spitz's focus on emotional aspects and Getz's market-oriented perspective enriches the discussion, providing a comprehensive understanding of the emotional resonance and practicalities of collecting luxury timepieces.

For those starting in luxury watches, the episode provides valuable strategies. Investing in watches with personal significance, understanding market trends, and building community relationships are key. These strategies are applicable to both novices and seasoned investors, guiding the creation of a fulfilling and prudent collection.

In summary, episode 17 masterfully intertwines watchmaking art with savvy investment strategies, illuminated by Spitz's and Getz's insights. It's a testament to the rich emotional tapestry and financial acumen in luxury watch collecting.

Listeners, explore further into the world of luxury watches, discovering emotional connections, artistic value, and investment potential. Share your thoughts on luxury watch collecting or your horology journey in the comments, and engage with us on social media for more captivating conversations.

Whether you're an experienced collector or just beginning to explore high-end timepieces, “The Investor's Journey” offers knowledge, inspiration, and guidance in this luxurious and rewarding pursuit.

Guest Profiles:

Daniel A. Spitz:

Daniel A. Spitz is a third-generation Master Watchmaker and former lead guitarist of the award-winning metal band Anthrax. His music is literally out of this world playing on NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars! With Swiss and American degrees in watchmaking and micro-mechanical engineering, Dan's illustrious career includes roles as the Head Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist for Chopard, instructor, and juror for the prestigious GPHG awards.

Gary Getz:

Gary Getz, a retired CEO of Strategos, is a prominent watch enthusiast renowned for his diverse timepiece collection, showcased on Instagram (@garyg_1) and as the “Resident Collector” on With expertise spanning contemporary to vintage watches, Gary is also recognized for his role on the GPHG Jury, contributing valuable insights to the watch industry.

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