Emmy-award winning commercial director and entrepreneur, Erich Joiner talks about advertising, race car driving, and starting an artisan coffee shop.

Guest Biography

Erich brings an artful, cinematic eye to the documentary and comedic material he specializes in and continues his over two-decade long reputation as a renowned commercial director, documentary filmmaker, and founder of the creative production partner Tool. He began his career as an art director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, where he collaborated on the famous “Got Milk?” campaign before leaving to found his own company. Among the more recent projects he’s directed is a VR/360 piece for Ford, as well as an award-winning branded documentary for them. Erich has won a wide range of the most prestigious industry awards, including Cannes Gold Lions, a directorial DGA nomination, and an Emmy win, in addition to three other Emmy nominations. He has directed several commercials that have been selected as part of the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art, and Shots Magazine ranked him as one of the top ten commercial directors in the world. He continues pushing creative boundaries for brands such as Microsoft, Enterprise, and Capital One, as well as feeding his entrepreneurial spirit by founding the post-production house Shed and the coffee shop goodboybob, which has expanded to even more locations across LA.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Insights from a successful creative entrepreneur
  • We learn what makes a great ad campaign, including developing the messaging and stories for a successful one like Got Milk?
  • We get a case study about how Erich went about opening a specialty coffee shop, a passion project that has turned today's guest into quite a coffee expert.

Show notes: http://www.inspiredmoney.fm/147

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