I found this video (and graphic) in an article by Buster Hein, John Wick director shoots epic snowball fight entirely on iPhone, at cultofmac.com.

While we are not David Leitch, the visionary director behind John Wick and Deadpool 2, if you own a smartphone, many of us have a very powerful tool in hand.

Select Your Camera

At BuyLocaNJ, we've used several cameras from a Mevo to a professional DSLR. Each has its pros and cons. In our experience shooting local businesses in New Jersey, we decided to shoot with iPhones. They're portable, reliable, and you can shoot in 4K.

Shooting with an iPhone can also save you money. Why buy additional expensive gear when you already have a fantastic camera in your pocket?

Tell a Story

Creating videos is not about the equipment. It's about the content.

Put an iPhone in the hands of an award-winning director, and the results are spectacular.


Behind the Scenes

Watch this for more insights into the making of the video. For me, the takeaways are to tell a great story, embrace the strengths of the camera, and have fun.


I wonder which Buy Local NJ business owners can be trained to be stunt performers? 

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