We visit Daddy Matty's BBQ owner and pitmaster Matt James to try his delicious home-cooked barbecue. We also learn why he feeds those in need in the community.

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What originally began as a passion project eventually turned into a BBQ catering business where Matt James donated all the proceeds to a local food pantry. With giving always part of its mission, Daddy Matty's BBQ opened in Madison serving home-cooked BBQ and Colorado Mexican dishes.

“I think what makes great BBQ is really the experience,” says James. “You can have great food at a lot of places, but where can you experience the level of community where you can share that food and the love that goes into the creation of the food?”

Watching this video will likely make you hungry! We applaud Daddy Matty's and encourage you to try it yourself. This restaurant not only feeds the community but helps people in need.

Year Established: May 2018
Type of Business:
Website: www.daddymattysbbq.com

Daddy Matty's BBQ
6 Elmer St
Madison, NJ

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Did you know eating at Daddy Matty's BBQ directly benefits community efforts to feed those in need?

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