Chris speaks with Chitra Rochlani, aka the Fit Warrior Chitra. She is a fitness coach who has learned from personal experience of losing 80 pounds in one year and is now teaching others to do the same. She is transforming minds, habits and then bodies. It was her own struggles with weight that ignited a passion within her to help others break the physical and mental barriers that have held them back in the past. She works with clients to change their eating habits and gives them a database of easy to follow recipes. To burn the calories, she  offers 1-on-1 personal training at Florham Park Fitness. But it doesn't stop there as she holds clients accountable even outside of training sessions to ensure that they reach their goals.

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Year Established: 2014
Type of Business: Health and Wellness

Local ties: I have been an NJ resident for the past 20 years since I moved here from Dubai. I live in Livingston with my husband, 2 boys and a fur baby girl. I currently work out of Florham Park Fitness in Florham Park, NJ.

Community causes: I serve on the leadership team of a local women's empowerment organization, BIG (Believe, Inspire, Grow) and help local women entrepreneurs juggle, home, families and their businesses without losing themselves in the process. I run informational seminars and talk at local organizations, like SAMHAJ, local libraries, BIG meetings to breakdown common fitness myths and promote the importance of resistance training, sustainable nutrition and the “”Warrior”” mindset.

About Chitra: I am a fitness coach and weight loss expert. I work with time- starved women who struggle to fit workouts and healthy eating into their busy schedules. They want to be healthier so they can be there for their family and juggle all their responsibilities. I create a customized plan based on THEIR goals, THEIR schedule and THEIR lifestyle using my “”FIT WARRIOR”” method, so that they can have a clean bill of health, rock any outfit, eat any meal they desire, and LOVE the person in the mirror. I love traveling, ice cream and bike rides with my boys.

Quirky Stat:  I am a personal growth junkie and psychologist at heart. I love studying human behavior and understanding why we do the things we do. I never had the patience to go to school for it, but I get to apply it inc coaching my clients daily.

Best moment as a business owner: Every time I see a client break a barrier, whether it is physical or mental, it excites me and validates my passion and purpose. For ex., I had a 60 year old client train for a fitness competition and she went from being fearful to doing box jumps and farmer walks with 50 lb dumbbells in each hand.

Favorite activity in New Jersey: Going for hikes/ bike rides with my family and of course summer at the shore.

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