Real estate investor, entrepreneur, and licensed real estate agent, Darren Sager talks mentors, entrepreneurship, and investing in duplexes in New Jersey.

Guest Biography

Darren Sager is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and licensed real estate agent in New Jersey. He is currently an agent with EXP Realty, and works with other real estate investors. Darren learned early in life that working for someone else wasn't the answer for achieving financial success. He also facilitates the meetup group REI Rockstars.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Taking risks and finding an unlikely mentor
  • We'll learn about duplex investing and ways to add value to a property
  • Since Darren is in an expensive market like New Jersey, he talks about the 1% rule of real estate investing.

Show notes:

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Runnymede Money Tip of the Week

  • Saving and investing during COVID-19

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