Co-founder at MORTAR, Allen Woods shares how supporting local entrepreneurs helps keep long-time residents in their changing communities.

Guest Biography

Allen Woods is a devoted husband, father, and entrepreneur – in that order. A lifelong Midwesterner, he’s never allowed the size of a city to place a limit on the size of his dreams. Allen is the creative force behind the MORTAR brand, as well as a business consultant and training facilitator for incoming students.

Recognized as a 2016 Cincinnati Business Courier 40 under 40 Business Leader, 2017 John F. Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award and 2017 Echoing Green BMA Fellow, Woods is also a sought-after public speaker who recently shined on the TEDx stage. As a brand strategist and designer, Allen assisted directly in the growth of hundreds of small businesses and personal brands across the globe.

When Allen isn’t at MORTAR, he’s probably somewhere with his wife, Kyla, planning or recording the next episode of their brand new marriage podcast, Permanent Plus One.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How MORTAR has helped more than 260 businesses in its community.
  • That people need more than just money — the power of guidance, support, and community building is invaluable.
  • The importance of legacy, sharing, and striving to have a collective impact.

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