In this episode, “The Future of Work: Navigating the Changing Landscape,” we uncover transformative trends shaping the way we work. Featuring insights from experts Charlene Li, Kristofer Perez, Tara Vasdani, and Al Dea, we explore topics including remote work, skill evolution, AI integration, new collar jobs, and career strategies.

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The Future of Work: Navigating the Changing Landscape

Bridging Technology and Work Evolution

At the forefront of technological and societal shifts, the future of work harmonizes innovative work models with emerging technologies and evolving skill requirements. This episode features insights from Charlene Li, Kristofer Perez, Tara Vasdani, and Al Dea, who analyze the impact on both workers and organizations.

🕒 Episode Insights

  • Exploring Work Transformations: Discussing pivotal trends reshaping work environments, emphasizing adaptability and continuous learning.
  • Meet the Panelists: Highlights of their extensive backgrounds and contributions to the future of work.
  • Balancing Flexibility and Structure in Remote Work: Importance of maintaining a balance to enhance productivity and employee well-being.
  • Corporate Responsibilities: Highlighting the role of corporations in fostering effective work environments and supporting employee development.
  • Building Personal Connections Remotely: Strategies for maintaining personal connections in remote work settings, ensuring team cohesion and collaboration.
  • Legal Implications and Remote Work: Addressing legal challenges and considerations associated with remote work, including compliance and employee rights.
  • Skills in Demand: Identifying skills in high demand for the future job market, focusing on technical and soft skills.
  • Lifelong Learning: Emphasizing the need for continuous learning and skill development to stay relevant.
  • AI and Productivity: Discussing AI’s role in enhancing productivity and its implications for various industries.
  • Staying Relevant in an Automated World: Strategies for upskilling and reskilling as automation becomes more prevalent.
  • New Collar Jobs and Practical Skills: Exploring the rise of new collar jobs requiring practical, hands-on skills over traditional degrees.
  • Personal Branding: Highlighting the significance of personal branding in career development and growth.

Navigating Future Work Changes

As we look ahead, it's clear that navigating the future of work requires proactive skill development, adaptability, and leveraging technology. The wisdom from our panelists highlights the importance of preparing for future work, not just for career advancement but for overall well-being.

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Meet Our Guest Panelists

Charlene Li is a renowned author, analyst, and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of major technological transformations for the past three decades, helping organizations thrive through disruption. As the founder of Altimeter Group and author of six books, including “The Disruption Mindset” and “Winning with Generative AI,” she provides strategic insights on leadership, customer experience, and the future of work.

Kristofer Perez Kriffy Perez is a Senior Expert Advisor at Future Today Institute and Co-founder and Managing Director at Global PayTech Ventures, leveraging extensive experience in fintech product design and development to guide strategic innovation and foresight, while also teaching at NYU Stern School of Business.

Tara Vasdani is the Principal Lawyer and Founder of Remote Law Canada, recognized as a leading advocate for remote work and innovative legal practices, and has been named one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Remote Work. She is an award-winning lawyer who has been nominated for Canadian Lawyer's Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada and has received multiple accolades, including the Employment Law Firm of the Year Award and Female Trailblazer of the Year by the Canadian Law Awards.

Al Dea is the founder of The Edge of Work, a leadership development and consulting firm. He is a speaker, consultant, and researcher focused on the future of work, leadership development, and organizational strategy. Al has worked with executives and organizations to create human-centric workplaces and has been featured in outlets such as Fast Company, Business Insider, and Time Magazine. Previously, he was a Product Marketer at Salesforce and a management consultant at Deloitte. He holds a Bachelor's in Business and Theology from Boston College and an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill​.


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