Pete A. Turner, a former soldier and Army spy turned entrepreneur and podcaster shares his experiences from dangerous combat zones to returning home.

Guest Biography

Pete Turner is a cultural expert with years working in the most dangerous and culturally challenging environments on earth. His stories and lessons inform leaders, to leverage existing cultural patterns. These smooth cultural paths leads to accomplishing goals with less chaos and cost. Much more than handshakes, Pete displays how how he successfully interacts within any cultural environment and still thrives. He's a recognized expert in leveraging culture to create more efficient interacting with different groups. He's a combat veteran and former Army spy. He's worked to help Dept of State, Dept of Defense and host nation leaders leverage culture. He has extensive overseas experience in hazardous conditions in a variety of positions including operations: Joint Endeavor (Bosnia), Iraqi Freedom (2004-6, 2008-10), New Dawn (Iraq 2010-11) and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan 2011-12).

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What it’s like to be a Army spy in hostile areas and what we can learn about better communication skills, being proactive and tactical.
  • Challenges that veterans face when returning home.
  • Pete talks about building trust, through big and small exchanges of trust, and what kept him alive on battle field just might help you on your next business call.

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