Interviews with Gerald Zingraf, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, Kyle Winey, Sarah Von Bargen, and Colin O'Brady.

In this final show of 2017, we've selected excerpts from some of our favorite interviews that highlight money lessons and valuable takeaways. If you haven't had time to listen to all of the Inspired Money episodes, tune in to see which shows deserve your attention. I hope this episode motivates and inspires you going into the new year!

Show notes:

Takeaway #1: There are more Average Joe millionaires today than ever before because of the Internet.

Gerald Zingraf, successful side-hustle entrepreneur

Rather than getting frustrated by day-to-day problems, find solutions, use technology, and build businesses. [Listen to Episode 013]

Takeaway #2: Money without prioritizing things like relationships and family could bring problems.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, the Money Coach Lynnette would give up all of her professional successes if it meant her marriage or relationship with her kids were threatened in any way. [Listen to Episode 006]

Takeaway #3: The value of schools lies in the extremes.

Kyle Winey, author of HACKiversity If you're not able to attend an elite school, look for a value school that will give you scholarships and/or reduced tuition. [Listen to Episode 008]

Takeaway #4: Align your desires and values with your spending.

Sarah Von Bargen, writer, teacher, and blogger at Sarah gives you a helpful exercise to analyze whether your spending aligns with what makes you happy. [Listen to Episode 010]

Takeaway #5: The importance of goals and risk management.

Colin O'Brady, two-time world record holder, elite endurance athlete, speaker Colin's amazing story will teach you about goal setting, risk management, and the power of maintaining a positive mindset. [Listen to Episode 017]

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