Professional fundraiser and host of the Philanthropy Podcast, Sean MacCready shares his views on money and the relationship between philanthropy and Financial Independence.

Guest Biography

Sean MacCready advises people about how best to give and invest in a brighter future. From gifts of forty dollars to over a million, Sean has found pride and fulfillment in the opportunity to coalesce passions, strengths, and institutional needs into exciting, meaningful, and impactful plans. He has listened to benefactors and helped focus nebulous ideas into specific gifts while also helping to grow ideas from small goals to comprehensive solutions. Sean helps people make wise decisions about where, what, and why to give, as well as how to effectively and efficiently give so their philanthropy is maximized and becomes an integral part of their life and legacy. Sean reminds benefactors that philanthropy should be joyful, even as it pushes us beyond comfort zones. If our philanthropy changes a town halfway across the globe, but it doesn’t change us too, then we sold ourselves short. He loves his calling because he connects with amazing people and opportunities. An outflow of this is The Philanthropy Podcast which Sean created and now hosts & produces. Sean interviews top professionals, board members, volunteers, and benefactors to explore their experiences, wisdom, & innovative ideas to learn more about philanthropy and how to better serve the causes we love.

Sean has a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, and M.A.s in education from Loyola University-Chicago and the University of Notre Dame.

Show notes:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Tips for giving from a professional fundraiser.
  • Why the Financial Independence or FI movement is important for people, especially non-profit employees.
  • The importance of saving and investing, and why it gives you power.

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