You may recognize Scott Fifer from P90X exercise videos but what you probably do not know is that he left successful careers as a New York Wall Street attorney and Hollywood screenwriter to head a non-profit that helps children around the world.

Guest Biography

Scott Fifer is the Founder & CEO of GO Campaign. A former US Senate aide, NYC Wall Street attorney, and Hollywood screenwriter, Fifer founded GO Campaign in 2006 to help 20 children in Tanzania, and since then GO Campaign has gone on to help tens of thousands of children across the globe. GO Campaign invests in pioneering Local Heroes who are transforming the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in their communities, and connects donors to these high-impact, low-red-tape projects. GO’s diverse portfolio of projects include rehabilitating autistic and special needs youth in East Africa, providing seed money for micro-loan programs to keep girls out of sex trafficking in Nepal, transitioning youth out of foster care into young adulthood in Los Angeles, teaching girls how to code in India, building schools for indigenous children in Mexico and Peru, and so much more.

Show notes:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why visiting a developing country can open your eyes to new perspectives.
  • We'll explore professional success compared with doing rewarding and fulfilling charitable work.
  • How Scott finds inspiring visionaries in hopes of creating a Tsunami of change.

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