Entrepreneur and founder of Six-Figure Grind, Kevin Michael Geary talks side-hustles, entrepreneurship, and why you might consider launching an online lifestyle business.

Guest Biography

Kevin is the founder of Six-Figure Grind and the Six-Figure Grind podcast. He's on a mission to help you build a successful online lifestyle business, escape the rat race, and live life without limitations. If you're interested in making a living completely online and achieving the ultimate freedom in life – location independence, schedule independence, and financial independence – then head over to SixFigureGrind.com and grab Kevin's free 1-Page Freedom Plan to get started.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Kevin ditched his brick and mortar business to create an online business.
  • Why Kevin thinks you and I, and everyone is an entrepreneur?
  • How to get started and is being an entrepreneur risky?

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Do you have an idea for a side hustle or online business? What's holding you back from trying?