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In Episode 10 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “Money Talks: Conversations on Wealth and Legacy,” hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. In this episode, we journey into the labyrinthine world of wealth and legacy. Guiding us through this transformative odyssey are our distinguished panelists—Daniele Bolelli, Dr. Jon Demartini, Caleb Silver, and Heather Winslow-Walker—who serve as the oracles of ethical wealth management and generational impact.

LEp 10: Inspired Money Live – Money Talks: Conversations on Wealth and Legacy



In Episode 10, “Money Talks: Conversations on Wealth and Legacy,” we transcend the boundaries of mere financial discussions. We delve into the multi-dimensional aspects of wealth, exploring its ethical, social, and generational implications.


Segment 1: Wealth as a Multidimensional Construct: Ethical Alignment and Societal Impact

Wealth is not merely a number; it's a force that can be harnessed for the greater good. This segment explores the ethical alignment and societal impact of wealth, challenging us to consider its purpose beyond accumulation.

Segment 2: Legacy Wealth Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Multi-Generational Financial Success

Discover the intricate choreography between financial figures and human connection. This segment delves into the art of legacy wealth management, emphasizing that your financial legacy is not just about the money but the impact you leave behind.

Segment 3: Crafting Generational Legacies: A Comprehensive Guide to Estate Planning, Trusts, and Philanthropy

Learn how to craft a lasting legacy through estate planning, trusts, and philanthropy. This segment serves as a comprehensive guide to ensuring that your wealth serves as a catalyst for positive change for generations to come.

Segment 4: Guardians of Legacy: Navigating Family Wealth and Ethical Footprints

Family legacy is a living entity that shapes our core identity. This segment navigates the labyrinth of family wealth management, urging you to become a guardian of your family's ethical footprint.

Segment 5: Ethical Wealth Management: Navigating Philanthropy, Social Responsibility, and Legacy

Explore the ethical obligations that come with wealth, from philanthropy to social responsibility. This segment challenges you to make choices today that will become the history lessons for future generations.

Guest Profiles:

Dr. Jon Demartini:

A luminary in human behavior, Dr. Demartini is the founder of the Demartini Institute and the creator of the Demartini Method. His international best-sellers and documentaries have made him a household name in personal development.

Caleb Silver:

The Editor-in-Chief of Investopedia, Caleb is a media maestro with over two decades of experience. From wildlife documentaries to business news, his journey has been as diverse as it has been impactful.

Heather Winslow-Walker:

A veteran in legacy planning, Heather specializes in assisting Ultra-High-Net-Worth families with complex wealth transfer. Her unique blend of psychology, business, and education makes her an invaluable guide in the realm of legacy planning.

Daniele Bolelli:

An Italian-born writer and martial artist, Daniele is a professor based in Los Angeles. Known for his book “On the Warrior’s Path,” he is a fifth-degree black belt in kung fu san soo and a podcaster of repute.

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