This morning I received an email in my inbox from Kiva that reminded me today marks my 10th anniversary since joining the incredible microfinancing online platform. To celebrate, I made my 2500th loan which went to the Sreyhach's Group in Cambodia. Sreyhach makes a living cultivating rice and she does extra works as a farmer to support her family. In her village there is no reliable access to safe, clean drinking water. Having a water filter at home will help Sreyhach safeguard the health of her family, save money on medical expenses and save time collecting fuel and boiling water. We are truly blessed living in the US and it is hard to imagine living in Cambodia where you are lucky to make $1/day. In addition, imagine a life where you have no clean water. I dream of a day that everyone around the world has access to clean water and at least their basic needs met.


Sanitation is more important than independence. — Mahatma Gandhi

If you haven't checked out Andy's podcast “Inspired Money,” I highly recommend listening (and it's not just because he's my brother). I look forward to the podcast every week to get inspired and to think about money from a different perspective.

This week he speaks with hip hop artist Dee-1 who is former math teacher that now sings about financial responsibility. In the clip below, he shared a story of his teenage trip to Ghana. When you see people living in extreme poverty but still filled with love and joy, it definitely changes you forever. Listen to the clip and then check out the full episode as well. You also subscribe on iTune and Google Play for the weekly podcast.