Retired NFL offensive tackle turned co-owner of a private equity group shares money stories of professional athletes, tax benefits of certain investment vehicles, and why you should build a team of personal advisors.

Guest Biography

Jonathan Scott is a former offensive tackle who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills, and was a fifth-round draft for the Detroit Lions. He also played for the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons. He was recognized as a unanimous All-American when he played college ball for the University of Texas as part of the 2005 National Champion Texas Longhorns. After a decade in the NFL, Scott transitioned into a career in finance, education, executive leadership, and recently became co-owner of a private equity group.

Jonathan has co-written a book with financial expert Rob Welsh called The Winning Playbook: Strategies for Life On and Off the Field. It’s time to stop talking about wealth management and start talking about wealth empowerment, not just for athletes, but for everyone. Scott and Welsh have made it their mission to teach all of us how to play the long game.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The personal finances of NFL football players
  • The benefits of using different investment vehicles for tax planning
  • Why Jonathan suggests building a team of personal advisors

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