Maggie Ranmu Xue, founder and CEO of Us Two Tea, shares her thoughts on money, start ups, and launching a tea company.

Guest Biography

Ranmu is the founder & CEO of Us Two Tea. She began her start-up career as the lead designer at Meural, a company that creates digital canvases to allow people to discover and display over 40,000 pieces of digital artwork on their walls. Ranmu's design and pioneering work in the company’s rebrand had major impacts on Meural’s overall success, resulting in the company’s acquisition by NETGEAR in 2018.

After leaving the canvas space, Ranmu is now telling a new story. Through tea and her connection to tea culture, she is building a global community within the West for all the tea lovers to engage in – from farmer to end consumer.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The importance of having a role model
  • A little about high quality, Asian teas – specifically tea from the island of Taiwan
  • How to identify a gap, launch a company and build a brand
  • Bonus: Because Ranmu grew up in Shanghau but now lives in the USA… Insights into Chinese perspectives on money, education and mindset

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