Award-winning producer Michael Cerenzie talks about filmmaking, money, and how Stratagem Studios is creating jobs in his native Canada.

Guest Biography

Michael Cerenzie is a proud Canadian and Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Stratagem Group. He guides the diverse portfolio of creative companies to enable transformative change in society, and to ensure Canadian talent and institutions are equipped to compete at the highest level in the global markets. In his international career as an award-winning film producer, financier and serial entrepreneur, Michael has developed, produced and financed dozens of films, both independently and in partnership with most major Hollywood studios, and collaborated with iconic filmmakers and an extensive list of Academy Award-winning and nominated actors. As a global citizen, having lived and worked in 22 countries, he excels in cross-border development strategies and foreign investments. He has been responsible for raising in excess of $900 million, focused primarily on media, tech, entertainment-related companies, and on real estate development and real estate-adjacent companies, including significant domestic and international investment support for The Stratagem Group’s companies.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How producers bring together the art of creating a film and getting the money to make projects happen
  • Sources of financing for a film project
  • The true motivation behind Strategem Studios

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