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In Episode 11 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “The Psychology of Spending: Understanding Your Money Habits,” hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. In this episode, we embark on a transformative exploration into the psychology of spending, guided by our distinguished panelists—Dr. Sonya Lutter, George Kinder, and Dr. Judith Wright. Together, they illuminate the emotional, cognitive, and social factors that shape our financial decisions.

LEp 11: Inspired Money Live – The Psychology of Spending: Understanding Your Money Habits



In Episode 11, “The Psychology of Spending: Understanding Your Money Habits,” we delve into the labyrinth of the human psyche to uncover the forces that drive our spending habits. Our panel of experts will share their wisdom, offering actionable insights to help you master your financial well-being.


Segment 1: The Psychology of Emotional Spending: How to Take Control

Emotional triggers often lead us to the checkout counter. This segment offers healthier alternatives to retail therapy, emphasizing the mastery of emotions as a pathway to financial freedom.

Segment 2: Unlocking the Secrets of Consumer Choices: A Behavioral Economics Guide

Why do we make unnecessary purchases? This segment unravels the cognitive biases that influence our spending and offers strategies for becoming a more conscious consumer.

Segment 3: The Power of the Crowd: How Social Influences Affect Your Wallet

Peer pressure and societal norms can heavily influence our spending. This segment explores how to harness social influences for financial well-being rather than detriment.

Segment 4: Financial Therapy: The Path to Emotional and Fiscal Well-Being

Financial therapy marries financial planning with emotional intelligence. This segment introduces this groundbreaking field, aiming to foster a healthier relationship with money.

Segment 5: From Mindfulness to Impulse: A Deep Dive into Spending Habits

Mindful spending and impulse buying are two sides of the same coin. This segment explores the art of making conscious choices and the repercussions of impulsive spending.

Guest Profiles:

Dr. Sonya Lutter:

A pioneer in financial therapy, Dr. Sonya Lutter offers a holistic approach to managing finances, blending financial planning with emotional intelligence.

George Kinder:

Known as the father of life planning, George Kinder integrates financial and life goals to help individuals achieve true fulfillment. A mindfulness teacher for over 35 years, he is a global advocate for fiduciary behavior.

Dr. Judith Wright:

An expert in transformational coaching, neuroscience, and spirituality, Dr. Judith Wright provides a unique lens through which to view the psychology of spending.

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Guest Links:

Dr. Sonya Lutter:

George Kinder:

Dr. Judith Wright:

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