This week on Andy's Inspired Money podcast, he spoke with Wendy Steele on the power of generosity and giving. Wendy is the founder and creator of Impact 100 which brings transformational grants to communities across the United States and Australia. Since its inception, Impact 100 has given away more than $45 million to worthy nonprofits.

Here is the Runnymede Tip of the Week:

While many people donate money to charity at year end, you can donate at any time of year. Find a cause that you believe in and donate your time, talent, or treasure. One of the biggest excuses for avoiding charitable donations is, “I don’t have enough money to make a difference” but this simply isn’t the case anymore. Many online charities let you direct your dollars to specific projects so you know exactly where your money is going. One organization that I donated to recently is which connects teachers in high-need communities to those who want to help. It is sad to think that schools aren’t able to provide classroom basics or art supplies. You can search for a school in your area and look for a project that resonates with you. I supported a 1st grade class to provide them a comfortable carpet to lay down on while they can come together to learn new skills or to lay on while they work on assignments together. Not only did I help a classroom in need but I received letters from the students themselves as a special thanks. One last thing. Remember, if you work for a large organization, check to see if there is a company match that could double or triple your impact.

Photo: Christopher Wang

What causes are you supporting and why?