Computer Programmer turned Songwriter, Dave Combs talks about creating and selling his music full-time.

Guest Biography

A native of Erwin, Tennessee, Dave grew up in a family that enjoyed making music. Both of his parents and his grandmother Combs played the piano, which began his musical journey that included being a church choir director and pianist.

After college, Dave move to Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he served as Minister of Music at a church while working as a computer programmer at a Fortune 500 company.

His songwriting began with the now popular standard, Rachel’s Song, which was arranged and recorded by Gary Prim in 1986. Since then, Dave has written over 120 songs and recorded 15 albums of soft, soothing, and relaxing instrumental music that has touched the lives of millions around the world.

An article written by Dave about how music has changed his life and touched the lives of millions of people appeared in Guideposts magazine. Click here to see the article.

A multitude of inspiring stories about Dave’s lifelong journey with his music can be found in his best-selling biographical book, Touched by the Music: How the Story and Music of “Rachel’s Song” Can Change Your Life.

Dave and his wife, Linda, live in Winston-Salem.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Dave wrote a song and 9 years later was able to quit his corporate job
  • The importance of forging one’s own way in the music business
  • Tune in to the end to hear why the local librarian could be every entrepreneur’s secret weapon

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