Nik Kennett shares travel hacking tips and how he and his wife Allie quit their jobs to travel for six months.

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Nik Kennett and his wife Allie are a U.S. based couple with a love of travel and adventure on a 6-month self-funded sabbatical through Europe and Asia. They attribute much of their success to financial planning and the accumulation of over 1.7MM credit card points and miles.

Nik and Allie believe in the transformative power of travel and that an intentional sabbatical or gap year can be an incredible form of personal development and a great way to forge lasting bonds as a family or couple. That is why they have committed to document their journey and provide useful tips and advice around how to plan travel and take a sabbatical of your own through ‘Away Together', their YouTube channel and website.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Budgeting and planning for a 6-month sabbatical
  • Lifestyle design and living a life of intention
  • Travel hacking tips

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  • Delta Air Lines and British Airways have partnered with Airbnb to offer customers miles with each eligible booking through their respective portals. You’ll receive 1 Delta SkyMile or 2 British Airways Avios per dollar spent. Additionally, If you’re a new customer to Airbnb, the British Airways portal offers 6 Avios per dollar spent for your first booking.
  • The Points Guy
  • Churn, baby, churn r/churning subreddit
  • Reddit – Credit Card Recommendation Flowchart


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