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In Episode 14 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “Vintage Dreams: Revving Up the Classic Car Collecting Experience,” hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. This episode takes you on a thrilling ride through the world of classic car collecting, a unique blend of art, history, and investment.

LEp 14: Inspired Money Live – Vintage Dreams: Revving Up the Classic Car Collecting Experience



In Episode 14, we journey into the captivating realm of classic car collecting. This episode is not just about the cars themselves, but the stories they tell, the artistry they embody, and the communities they build. Our expert panelists, Ed Bolian, Garrett Reed, Nicky Baldelli-Boni, and Ray Kuntz, Jr., share their insights and experiences, offering a comprehensive look into this exhilarating hobby.


Segment 1: Classic Car Collection: The Art and Design Legacy of Vintage Automobiles

We delve into the artistic and cultural significance of classic cars, exploring how designers like Harley Earl and Pininfarina turned automobiles into moving sculptures of elegance and futurism.

Segment 2: Classic Car Investments: Navigating Financial Returns in Vintage Auto Collecting

This segment examines the financial aspects of classic car collecting, including how rarity, history, and market trends can make these vehicles a strategic investment.

Segment 3: Classic Car Collecting: The Enthusiast's Guide from First Find to Final Bid

Join us on a collector's journey, from discovering hidden gems to making informed decisions at auctions. We cover the essentials of vehicle conditions, documentation, and the importance of knowledge in the collecting process.

Segment 4: Authenticity vs. Innovation: The Classic Car Modification Debate

We dive into the debate between preserving the originality of classic cars and modifying them for personal expression and modern functionality, exploring the values of authenticity and innovation.

Segment 5: Classic Car Shows: Revving Up Community and Connection

Experience the vibrant community of classic car enthusiasts. We highlight how car shows and digital forums are not just about showcasing vehicles but also about building connections, sharing knowledge, and celebrating automotive history.

Guest Profiles:

Ed Bolian:

Founder of VINwiki and a former Cannonball Run record holder, Ed Bolian brings his passion for cars and storytelling to the forefront, offering unique insights into the world of classic car collecting.

Garrett Reed:

The creative mind behind AmericanMuscleHD, Garrett Reed is an automotive enthusiast and content creator, known for his deep love for American classics and his large following on Instagram.

Nicky Baldelli-Boni:

Creator of Cars in Tuscany, Nicky offers a blend of automotive appreciation and Tuscan charm, providing an unforgettable experience for classic car enthusiasts seeking luxury, history, and scenic beauty.

Ray Kuntz, Jr:

With a background in construction and union leadership, Ray is an avid car enthusiast and community contributor, actively participating in local car clubs and events that enhance community well-being.

Join us in Episode 14 as we explore the fascinating world of classic car collecting. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the scene, this episode is packed with valuable insights, stories, and tips for anyone interested in the art and investment of vintage automobiles.

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