Customized Investing

No two clients have identical financial profiles and goals so Runnymede works with each client to customize an investment portfolio formulated for each client’s specific investment objectives or desired restrictions. Because Runnymede offers separately managed accounts, clients gain flexibility, transparency, and tax-harvesting benefits over investing in mutual funds.

A direct relationship with your portfolio manager

There are no intermediaries at Runnymede. Your relationship is with the investment team who oversees the day-to-day management of your account. We are accountable and accessible. We work directly with you throughout the relationship to better understand your needs and objectives.

Constructing portfolios built upon solid research

Runnymede's investment strategies are based on our fundamental, proprietary research, and active management. Our professional team performs original, in-house research, and has successfully managed client accounts through many market cycles. In our view, the most efficient and consistent way to identify opportunities and build optimal portfolios is to use a dynamic, quantitative discipline in combination with experienced fundamental research.

Strategies targeted to your objectives

Whether you are growth oriented, income oriented, or somewhere in between, Runnymede offers a variety of strategies to meet clients’ varying investment objectives – all connected by a systematic and disciplined approach.

Investment Strategies

Read more about each of our investment strategies but remember that we can construct customized portfolios designed exclusively to meet your needs.