Andy Wang was quoted in a Forbes article by Chris Carosa, Senior Contributor.

Do This If You Don’t Like Your 401(k) Plan’s Fees


If you’ve been paying attention, you know there’s been a constant cry lamenting the “high” fees of 401(k) plans. Setting aside whether or not this is as pervasive as some make it sound, the truth is, at least a few 401(k) plans do pay more than they should. You might even be tempted to call them “outrageous.”

If your 401(k) plan falls into that sorry camp, what can you do?

Fortunately, the internet is rife with acknowledged sources for this kind of information. “Websites like Brightscope can be used to run reports showing a score and industry comparison,” says Andrew Wang, Managing Partner, Runnymede Capital Management, Mendham, New Jersey. “This can be helpful for discussion.”

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