DeFi fund manager, Victor Lee discusses digital currencies, crypto entrepreneurship, and the benefits of decentralized finance.

Guest Biography

Successful tech entrepreneur, digital 1st native, obsessed with web3, DeFi, and NFT, Victor Lee’s vision is to make the world better by democratizing the world of finance and asset ownership. He is Co-Founder of, a state-of-the-art DeFi platform that allows investors to automate their crypto investments; imagine Vanguard for DeFi.

As a bachelor of science graduate of London Metropolitan University in Information and Computing Systems, he first embarked on a career in finance. Victor’s experience in technology and marketing were honed at leading financial institutions and tech startups such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Omnicom Group.

He demonstrated a track record of success in product development and among some of the products he created are; bull or bear market sentiment analysis launched in 2019 and DeFi DeX swap-rate tracker for crypto-trading and arbitration & liquidation bot in 2020.

Victor is experienced in the DeFi market, has the network & relationships with successful fundraising. He helped with $3m in seed-funding, with $1.6m in seed-funding, and BTCpx ETF fund with $2.5m in seed-funding.

His mission is to help accelerate the future of money, where finance and digital ownership could create a better world through an efficient distribution of wealth and equality.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • An overview of digital currencies and DeFi.
  • How DAOVentures is making DeFi more accessible with its ETF strategies for fund managers and crypto investors.
  • How Victor manages the volatility of crypto and deals with bear markets.

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